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  • noun

Synonyms for posting

an item inserted, as in a diary, register, or reference book

Synonyms for posting

a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement

(bookkeeping) a listing on the company's records

the transmission of a letter

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The development and posting of an edublog that welcomed students and supported their first three course projects and processes (slab, pinch, and coil).
Although you post questions to all newsgroups the same way, in a moderated newsgroup your message is actually routed first to a moderator, who decides if it's appropriate for posting.
Students had to post a minimum number of meaningful discussion contributions in order to receive full credit for the discussion portion of the module, but there were no requirements as to whether they had to respond to others' postings or as to the length of the posting beyond the fact that it had to be substantial and meaningful.
To prevent the written essays from being influenced by a review of another student's thoughts on the topic, the essay was due prior to posting of that week's discussion topic.
Through the use of this automated remittance posting module, physician practices and hospitals can improve the payment process by eliminating manual remittance advice handling--leading to increased billing staff productivity, the elimination of errors associated with manual data entry and expedited follow up for remaining payment balances.
In reviewing job posting partner candidates, it quickly became clear that Bernard Hodes Group's Hodes iQPost was the best choice," said Jan Cotroneo, e-Recruiting product marketing manager at Lawson.
They also monitor each posting's statistics to determine if the posting is as effective as possible or if adjustments need to be made.
Under the terms of the agreement SkillSet will utilize the eQuest Job Posting Network to allow its customers to instantaneously post jobs to over 1,100 career sites and measure which sites produce the best results.
In addition to the cross posting benefits gained through this acquisition, Headhunter.
New "Content Neutral" Filter Tool Limits Volume Posting
com) to make EzeeNet the provider of automatic job posting services for employers on CareerMosaic.
KARACHI -- Sindh Government has ordered transfer and postings of 18 senior police officers with immediate effect.