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Themes of hypnosis and posthypnotic suggestion constitute an almost invariable presence in a whole strain of recent Asian detective/horror/spiritualist/serial killer films.
And, just to complicate the plot further she's having an affair with Magruder and has also been given a posthypnotic suggestion by Voltan.
He responded to what amounted to a posthypnotic suggestion.
He put her in a trance and gave her a posthypnotic suggestion -- that when he said "deep deep relax," she would completely relax and spread her fingers as a signal that the surgery could begin.
Hypnotic phenomena includes Age regression, Age progression, Posthypnotic suggestion, Negative hallucination, Anaesthesia, Amnesia, Time distortion, Hyper-amnesia, Analgesia, Catalepsy and Dissociation (Battino & South, 2001,p.