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a hole dug in the ground to hold a fence post


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Caption: Posthole digging can be one of the most dogged chores on the farm, but tractor-mounted augers make it a breeze (left).
She had a little spade, and I had posthole diggers.
Right: In this 1943 photo, Edgar Stout is at the wheel of his Ford-Ferguson 9N with homemade posthole digger.
The stones in Feature 5 appear to have been stacked or discarded near a post, as evidenced by their circular placement around a posthole (Figure 4).
6,18) During posthole preparation, the intraradicular smear layer formed was thicker than those observed in coronal cavities.
In the absence of a natural pinch, you can cut a tree that offers licking branches and "plant" it with a posthole digger about 10 yards out into the open food source.
Gengel bangs his knee hard when he accidentally slips into a deep posthole.
Tom Reith, product manager for Terex Construction Americas, adds site preparation, trenching, installing, concrete breakup, posthole digging and site cleanup.
3) A posthole is a concentrated unit focused on a single question, person, process, or event and embedded into a normal chronological curriculum.
When it passed my father's inspection, we began, with the help of our posthole digger, to dig the actual well.
Using a stick that has been cut to the same length as the fencing panels, mark off the centre of the next posthole from the first.
At the time of the power pack launch, Atlas Copco also announced a flurry of new hydraulic-powered hand tools including the LHD 23 M rock drill, two post divers, two ground rod drivers, the LPP 10 HD post puller, LPHD handheld posthole borer, a full line of handheld breakers, two cutoff saws, four low vibration core drills, LWP 2 submersible water pump and the LTP 3 submersible trash pump.