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This is when it is imperative that you politely but unmistakably explain that you're not currently available and you'll get back to the person posthaste when you are.
Zanu PF agreed to deal with these matters posthaste.
We covered the half-mile hike to the whale posthaste.
Guettel's score took the 2005 Tony Award, and, as exciting as it will be to see what he produces next, audiences would do well to proceed, posthaste, to the ``Piazza.
THE hits of the Mathew Street Festival are returning to Liverpool posthaste by royal appointment.
May those who have been taken away rest in peace, and may the suffering of those who lived through this enormous tragedy be relieved posthaste.
in a compelling way, and do so posthaste, you may be spending your Saturday evenings alone.
Cincinnati Incorporated makes it a priority to get someone here posthaste, even if all the local guys are tied up and they have to fly in someone," says Auslam.
3 through which voters mandated the state to get on about the business of marketing Alaska North Slope (ANSI gas, posthaste.
When a majority of scientists reaches consensus that meltdown is already in progress, any sane society would enact emergency measures posthaste.
Therefore, he says, its long-distance application, pending before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, should be approved posthaste.
My release by the court was never reported in the media and never acknowledged by Smith College, which had buried the case posthaste and now offered no reparations and no apology.
Chrisoganus has some admirable traits, but his virtues are so tied up in his pride that the audience is coaxed to question his authority at such crucial moments as when he denounces the players for turning to Posthaste, after refusing to pay his higher rate of 10 [pounds sterling] per play:
Details of a review of the securities tax system, which has been left pending despite its presence in the package, and the establishment of a stock-purchasing organization must be fine-tuned posthaste to break the vicious circle of economic slowdown and plunging stock prices.
Dan Johnson, Bell Labs' engineering manager, was on a tight production schedule and needed inventory posthaste on the new three- and ten-component traps.