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His MP Edward Davey has now written to NIG: "As Christmas 2013 approaches I would ask that NIG act immediately to end this family's ongoing nightmare and accept their building insurance claim posthaste, in order to allow Mr and Mrs Webster their first "peaceful" family Christmas in over five years and to allow them once and for all to get on with their lives and put the past five years behind them.
Actions are now being taken to move forward posthaste the start of the drilling program at La Garrucha.
I suppose if it had been written today, and some high school English teacher had seen it, he would have rushed the manuscript to the guidance counselor and I would have found myself in therapy posthaste," King said to (http://www.
Circa August 1964, FSOs Paul Hare, William Harbin and I were issued orders to travel posthaste to Saigon.
The police arrived posthaste, and with Ayanda boldly pickin' up "rear guard" duties, they began checking the Big Fridge.
NEHA responded to my call for help posthaste and sent a letter to the governor, the speaker of the house, and the president of the senate, gently pointing out that perhaps the sponsor of this monstrosity may have spent too long listening to the wind whistle across the sagebrush.
Smart deployment of low-budget resources should get Blakeson more bigscreen work posthaste.
The overall finding that 16% of Americans believe that they and members of Congress have a good grasp of the issues in the healthcare reform debate could suggest that Americans would resist the idea of rushing healthcare legislation into law posthaste.
We need all three--so voters can act through the ballot to pass needed reforms, check laws passed by legislators, or replace an elected official posthaste.
Whenever the player breaks several of his bats, he wires the factory posthaste to make others from the models on file in its exhibit room and rush them to him at such and such a city.
Residing on a black wall running the width of the gallery, this panoramic triptych features branches rendered in thick paint and, bunched up along the bottom edge, an assortment of spills, blobs, drips, and shapes--boggy organic forms fashioned posthaste from tubes of polymer and locked in place by a deadening orange ground.
Guettel's score took the 2005 Tony Award, and, as exciting as it will be to see what he produces next, audiences would do well to proceed, posthaste, to the ``Piazza.
If our new Holy Father wants to really serve our church, I encourage him to end this tragic limitation posthaste.