posterior synechia

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adhesion between the iris and the lens

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No treatment was advised in cases of exophthalmos, luxation of lens and posterior synechia.
The dyscoria OS persisted, but an anterior cortical cataract with posterior synechia was visualized.
The following ophthalmic characteristics were also recorded at baseline and at the follow up examinations: visual acuity with correction; presence of orbicularis oculi weakness, lagophthalmos, ectropion, entropion, trichiasis, corneal opacity, corneal ulcer, episcleritis, scleritis, clofazimine crystals on the cornea or conjunctiva, flare and cells, posterior synechia, small pupil, sluggish pupillary reaction to light, iris atrophy and cataract.
Direct laryngoscopy detected vesiculobullous lesions at the lingual face of the epiglottis, posterior synechia in the supraglottic region, edema, and diffuse hyperemia of the larynx.
Slit-lamp examination revealed anterior chamber reaction in 2 eyes (patients 7 and 9); patient 9 also presented with endophthalmitis and exhibited wide posterior synechia and vascularized inflammatory membrane posterior to the lens in addition to anterior chamber reaction.
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