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a cardboard suitable for making posters

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If you have a posterboard, dice, and some moves, you can even create your own game (as a family).
A posterboard will be available in the FPS registration area for displaying student resumes and position announcements.
How do you not Love the bad vibrations from the daft Duck supporters at The Pit, going so far as to put the cellphone number of UCLA's top Oregon import on a posterboard -- to encourage everyone this side of LakeOswego to call him with congrats on his 26-18 performance?
Holding a posterboard covered with photographs of Mr.
Near the end of the conference on Sunday, one of the organizers, a woman named Megan Quinn, discussed plans to build a lifeboat in Yellow Springs called Agraria, and she presented a blueprint of it on a large piece of posterboard.
Tempera paint cakes can be used to create beautiful works of art on paper, posterboard, or any surface that accepts temperas.
com) Scissors Hot glue gun and glue sticks 1 piece posterboard for inside lining of shoe 1/2 yard lime green fabric for lining of shoe 1 yard lime green fabric for lining of handbag 2 small gold plastic Christmas balls for handbag clasps 56 inches cord for handbag handle 2 yards flat gold braid trim for handbag opening Papier-mache dress forms (available at craft stores and gift shops)
Photos of children mounted on a star background (the posterboard could be titled "Stars in Our Constellation") or mounted on a strawberry background ("Strawberries in Our Patch") can reflect classroom themes.
Having drawn a superb rendition of a charred forest for an art competition using only pencil and posterboard, Gilbert is disqualified.
The woman writes an open letter to the neighborhood on a sheet of posterboard she hangs on the fence, and elicits an immediate community response--statements of support for the plastic-cup flag, offers to pay for her family's Thanksgiving meal.
This document flow can be easily diagrammed on a large piece of posterboard.
The Wal-Mart documents--instructions explaining how to apply for food stamps, Medi-Cal (the state's healthcare assistance program) and other forms of welfare--were blown up on posterboard and displayed.
Students were introduced to the self-regulated strategy model by the use of a posterboard secured to the chalkboard.