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Synonyms for postdate

be later in time

establish something as being later relative to something else

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The book would have benefited from more careful revising, which might have better assimilated the impressive documentary material and permitted the avoidance of some errors of fact, such as the postdating of Lorenzo de' Medici's death by eight months (151) or the inexact definition of the Biblioteca Moreniana as a collection of the Biblioteca Riccardiana instead of as a library in its own right (x and 38, n.
In their recent work, the two scientists have extended the study by looking at fossils postdating the peak Eocene warmth.
The most recent image in the show (and the only one postdating September 2001) had a different feel entirely.
Until last year, the oldest known chordate fossil was an amphioxuslike creature called Pikaia, which hails from Canada's Burgess Shale, a site postdating the Cambrian explosion.