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Synonyms for postdate

be later in time

establish something as being later relative to something else

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The rest of Dh 146,000 was issued as a 30 days postdated cheque.
ii) In the month of June,2014, the Complainant requested for release of the postdated cheques and provided copies of sales tax returns for May, 2014, which showed his status as 'importer (commercial);
Kingfisher had issued postdated cheques to the airport authorities that bounced.
We also ask arrears clients for a series of postdated checks (for any amounts) for as much as a year in advance, so the past-due balances can be settled gradually.
The practice of camping out in front of Maples Pavilion the night before a game, as students did before Saturday's Pacific-10 showcase event, postdated his collegiate career.
At some sites, the reverse seems to be true, suggesting that at least some of the eruptions postdated the die-offs, says
The veracity of Vespucci's two "public" letters was subsequently impugned, most notably by Bartolome de las Casas, who postdated Vespucci's first voyage to 1499.
The customer writes them a postdated check that the check casher won't deposit until there's money to cover it.