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Synonyms for postdate

be later in time

establish something as being later relative to something else

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The incidence of postdate pregnancies is between 4-14%.
Objective: To compare the success of Foley catheter and prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) in females presenting with postdates pregnancy.
The postdate pregnancies with adequate amniotic fluid volume has a significantly better perinatal outcome than the Assessmen t of amniotic fluid volume has become an important.
All the 60 patients with postdate pregnancy were evaluatedwith four-quadrant AFI measurements twice weekly after 40 wks using a convex probe of 3.
Full text of The Postdates to 1996, with indexing back to 1982.
3121(v)(2)-2(c)(2) refers to benefits "paid under" an agreement that postdates March 24, 1983 (i.
Increased use of labor induction in postdates pregnancies has probably contributed to a decline in stillbirths, said Dr.
TurboPress is not &uot;the best thing since sliced bread for online publishers&uot; but rather a &uot;fully featured optimized functionality which postdates the launch phase of usability-enhanced gluten-consumables for the content management-focused cross-media audience.
If one could suggest an expansion at all, it would be to ask for a greater engagement with some of the current discussions about religious culture in nineteenth-century African American women's studies (I think here of Carla Peterson's "Doers of the Word" and of Evelyn Brooks-Higginbotham's Righteous Discontent, even though the latter's chronological time frame postdates Bassard's).
From 1980 to 1995, the postdates stillbirth rate declined significantly from 2.
That Girl, which postdates the Panorama by two years and perhaps should have been included in this show, never claimed this degree of accuracy.
In 1532 Ariosto added the Tower of Tristan, along with a handful of other episodes, to the third edition of his poem, which postdates not only the sack of Rome but also Ariosto's frustrating experience as an Estense administrator in the wild Garfagnana.