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Synonyms for postdate

be later in time

establish something as being later relative to something else

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Nonetheless, doing ethnohistory is problematic since the sources all postdate the events and are passed through the filters of language and culture.
4) And, most importantly, do as The Man would do - postdate that baby.
The dominant function of dogal images was the assertion of the continuity of the Republic, seen in the succession frieze depicting each doge who held office since the ninth century holding a scroll listing the res gestae of his dogate, as well as in many of the historical paintings and dogal votive portraits still extant in the Ducal Palace, most of which postdate the fires.
Magistrates gave him a 12-month conditional discharge with pounds 85 costs after hearing he is doing well on a suspended prison sentence order for assault which postdates this offence.
It postdates volume 2 which was published in 2003 and included Sir Edward's letters from June 1832 to March 1834 (reviewed in History magazine, March 2005).