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a code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail

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On Wednesday, February 14 a new funding round will open for grants made possible by players of the People's Postcode Lottery.
h The Devon Road winners, who play with the postcode FK14 7EY, landed the daily prize on Tuesday.
The Catrine Crescent residents, who play with the postcode ML1 2BW, won the Daily Prize on Wednesday.
People who sign up for the People's Postcode Lottery play with their postcode - with 31% of all ticket sales going directly to charity.
The highest total came in the CH4 postcode on the Cheshire/Flintshire border at just under PS87m.
The maps provide comprehensive coverage down to Europe's most detailed postcode and administrative levels, which correspond to the five-digit postcodes and municipalities, respectively.
Locals who play the lottery in Lanchester, Burnhope and Maiden Law - all in County Durham - will win a share of the prize pot if their postcode starts with DH7 0.
The People's Postcode Lottery works by awarding cash prizes to registered players based on where they live.
Your ticket is based on your postcode, so if your postcode is drawn, you win with each ticket you play with.
Last week we told how a PS3million People's Postcode Lottery prize pot was up for grabs in CV1 5, which includes the city centre, Gosford Green, Hillfields, Spon End and Coventry University campus.
Players of the People's Postcode Lottery register their postcode as their ticket and five winners from across Britain are drawn each day from Monday to Friday in the Daily Prize draw.
One victim, Gene from Leicester, got a knock from a man claiming to be from the Postcode Lottery.
CARDIFF'S CF23 postcode is Wales' number one burglary hotspot, new data has revealed.
If you are looking to downsize, use the postcode as a guide.
He added: "The invention of the postcode revolutionised the way post is sorted and delivered.