postcentral gyrus

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the convolution of parietal lobe that is bounded in front by the central sulcus

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Major Finding: The area of the postcentral gyrus representing the face was about 0.
Listening: Areas of activation were observed bilaterally in the superior parietal lobule (BA 7), the superior and middle temporal gyrus (BA22), the insula (BA13) and the postcentral gyrus (BA7) of the left hemisphere, in the superior temporal gyrus (BA42) of the right hemisphere.
In the latter function, it has a somatotopic representation of the fetus equivalent to the adult postcentral gyrus representation of the adult form.
The postcentral gyrus, an area dedicated to perception, changes most.
Their score on the Beck Depression Inventory also improved in correlation with decreased activation in the superior frontal gyrus and postcentral gyrus.