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the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office

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Postal services for the Group 1 include postal services in domestic traffic, Postal services for group 2 of procurement include postal services in international traffic, as follows:
The real problem for the Postal Service stems from an awful recession and the burdensome requirements of a congressional mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits in a manner which no other federal agency or corporation of any kind must do.
Flanked by Director-General (DG) Postal Services Ghulam Panjtan Rizvi, the minister said that during his stint as caretaker minister, he had made utmost effort to remain impartial and was indebted to the journalist community for the cooperation extended to him as minister for information.
In pursuit of this strategy, the Postal Service announced that it would examine the possibility of closing post offices throughout the country that are not profitable and where another convenient post office is available.
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Also, the Postal Service has accumulated about $75 billion in unfunded liabilities, mostly money promised to employees in retirement and health benefits as the result of generous contract settlements.
The United States Postal Service has set a national standard for developing an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient workplace," said Jorge J.
In recent months, though, Sepomex has convinced companies like HSBC Mexico to give the postal service another shot.
In response to the report, the Postal Service said it is committed to the national contract and is working to improve management of it.
The Postal Service uses its protected tax-exempt position to compete with private firms in various e-commerce enterprises.
Thompson said Congress must review 30-year-old Postal Service laws and "nothing should be off the table, including the future of the postal monopoly itself.
The postal service has refrained from releasing such details as the date, or even the year, that the program would launch.
To date, NCR has successfully deployed approximately 14,000 systems in nearly 2,000 Postal Service retail units.
The Postal Service has found ways to save you time while giving you peace of mind.
Postal Service has agreed to new rules for free mailing of educational materials to people with disabilities.