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meter for bulk mailings that imprints correct prepaid postage on pieces of mail and records the total charge

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They are more expensive--and may eventually offset the money we save on postage meter rental.
which does business as Postage Meter Distribution Center and Central Mail and Supply.
7 million home offices and seven million small offices in the United States, of whom only 28 per cent currently use postage meters for their mail.
Because postal regulations dictate that manufacturers must maintain ownership of all postage meters, The Personal Post Office is leased, not sold.
Tony Malak, FP Mailing CEO, is enthusiastic about FP's new product line, saying "The PostBase mailing systems are the first postage meter system to give the mailer the choice with customizable features that the customer actually needs.
The mailstation2 with pbWebConnect gives the customer the ability to manage mail and packages the way that works best for them, via the postage meter or online.
FP Mailing Solutions, an international manufacturer of postage meters, mailing systems and mailroom software, is now proudly partnering with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
The City of Palm Desert is looking to purchase or lease a Postage Meter / Mailing Machine System at the best U.
For more information on the 280 iMeter[TM] postage meter and Apps, visit: www.
Shall Be Responsible For Operation And Maintenance Of The Postage Meter And All Associated Costs.
It incorporates the unique Neopost/Hasler iMeter[TM] postage meter, an Internet connected smart device that offers many functions above the traditional postage meter.
Neopost's IJ-25 Postage Meter Helps Dental Practices Leverage the Power of Mail
Part of the revolutionary design of the new IS/IM Series is the introduction of the Neopost/Hasler iMeter[TM] postage meter, an internet connected smart device that offers many functions above the traditional postage meter.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: leasing a postage meter mail.
If you're using the Priority timetable, your postage meter should now print 'Priority' when metering letters at the Priority rate.