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a card for sending messages by post without an envelope

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It was the difficulty in obtaining the materials needed for making the movies during the 1914-1918 war that caused Bamforths to concentrate on making post cards for soldiers to keep in touch with their families.
I live in hope that one day visitors will come to this part of Birmingham and enjoy the beauty of the mill and the bog, without feeling that they were visiting 'a run down area' and I am able to purchase a post card from 'Middle Earth'.
Mahatma Gandhi found in post card the most economical way of communicating with people that was in sync with his frugal lifestyle, which identified with the "Aam Aadmi" of India.
This highly portable, smaller in dimension that a post card, spiral bound cookbook collections are also ideal to take along when visiting friends and family and using the 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes for preparing meals in their homes.
Remembers'' post card available at fire stations, City Council offices and online at www.
CHICAGO -- Super Bowl fans wanting to wish the Chicago Bears or Indianapolis Colts good luck can do so free of charge by using a video post card service from Performance Communications Group (PCG), an interactive marketing agency located in Chicago.
YRG was honored for five awards, including: the Symantec Executive Retail Summit Web site and direct mail invite, ARM's "Push Button" print advertising campaign, Climax Portable Machine Tools' seven-color brochure and the Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum (OEF) post card direct mail.
Users are encouraged to virally spread the free ecard all over the web, or print it out on card stock and mail it as a post card, or simply regard it as a reminder that one unfortunate mugshot can haunt you the rest of your life.
Shahan's recipe came off the back of a post card from Andersen's Valley Inn in Buellton, which she has kept for many years.
MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio -- Drive(R) Insurance from Progressive has unveiled several new, cost-effective co-branding tools - including print ad, news release, customer thank you/referral e-mail and commercial auto direct mail post card templates, as well as high-quality vinyl banners - to help independent agents promote and grow their businesses by highlighting their affiliation with Drive.
We're happy to report the gist of the telephonic post card we got from his hizzoner last week:
Your Social Security Number(s) and name(s) on your pre-printed mailing label, TeleFile booklet, or post card are current and correct.
I have asked the county to include, with the notice of assessment, a return post card on which the protest can be noted.