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a card for sending messages by post without an envelope

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My granddaughter, Becky who lives in the United States, requesting post cards from friends all over the world each showing a feature of their home town or city.
Mahatma Gandhi found in post card the most economical way of communicating with people that was in sync with his frugal lifestyle, which identified with the "Aam Aadmi" of India.
MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio -- Drive(R) Insurance from Progressive has unveiled several new, cost-effective co-branding tools - including print ad, news release, customer thank you/referral e-mail and commercial auto direct mail post card templates, as well as high-quality vinyl banners - to help independent agents promote and grow their businesses by highlighting their affiliation with Drive.
We're happy to report the gist of the telephonic post card we got from his hizzoner last week:
Your Social Security Number(s) and name(s) on your pre-printed mailing label, TeleFile booklet, or post card are current and correct.
I have asked the county to include, with the notice of assessment, a return post card on which the protest can be noted.
A "teaser" post card is being mailed to all Plan participants, inviting them to consider putting their TSP investments on "cruise control.
Non-members may enter on or before April 9th at the website or by sending a post card to Youbet.
With promises of unbridled economic growth, elimination of the IRS and tax returns the size of a post card, flat-tax proposals espoused by presidential candidate Steve Forbes and Republican congressional leaders represent many different things to many different people.
It is similar to a post card, where you can write your personalized message on the back.
Tri-Folds, Manuals, Rack Cards, Post Cards, Banners, Flyers, Catalogs, Envelopes and also does printing for direct mail companies.
I'll only post cards to those I can't contact online.
These are drawn from the more than 15,000 post cards in the library's collection.