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nocturnal arboreal marsupial having a naked prehensile tail found from southern North America to northern South America

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There are also plans to reintroduce a colony of ringtail possums, which are much smaller in size, to the municipality, and McKenzie wants the animals to have the best possible chance at survival.
Once you have read the story of Blossom Possum to the children try the following:
BATTLE: Firefighters tackle the blaze from the air and on the ground DANGER: Flames leap into the air as the raging fire threatens a house SAVED: The as yet unfinished home at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas
Nostalgia aside, possum has a great deal to offer as a dietary staple.
This could not have been accomplished without a great team: the BRA (both in Waco and Possum Kingdom), the surveyors, title companies and leaseholders of Possum Kingdom.
My wife and I were running around Valley Club Circle when we both smelled something, and only a few steps later she nearly stepped on a huge, dead possum," reported KATV meteorologist Barry Brandt, a founding member of the Possum Classic, as tournament time neared.
One creature there--the white possum (technically, the northern lemuroid ringtail)--is on the verge of extinction.
Look for possums in your backyard, perhaps hanging by their hairless tails or "playing possum" (playing dead).
On November 19, ABC World News with Charles Gibson aired a story about the tiny town of Possum Trot, Texas.
From the Royal Tour Eye Trio, Kanga Rouge lipstick and the lipglass in Possum Nose Pink, the collection comes in bright packaging emblazoned with Edna's glasses.
The rat and a tiny possum that are apparently new to science were found in the Foja mountains rainforest in eastern Papua province in a June expedition, said US-based Conservation International, which organised the trip along with the Indonesian Institute of Science.
This tiny Australian possum is being cared for after its mother was killed by a car in Sydney, Australia.
The critters' journey from their home gets a lift from another mammoth named Ellie, who thinks she's a possum.