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a possible alternative

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TASC is supporting calls for a zero tolerance policy on incidents such as this and for the toughest possible action to be taken against those who assault staff.
Writing in today's Mail on Sunday, Alexander argues: 'I support referees taking the strongest possible action in the face of racist abuse from the terraces.
On the possible action by Tokyo, a Chinese senior trade official who visited Japan in March asked the Japanese government not to take the ''one-sided'' measure.
When asked about their views on economic development reform, only one possible action stood out among a large proportion of those polled: a desire for the government to increase the investment tax credit (46%).
Calling up reserves: Carroll said little-used Anthony Daye,LaJuan Ramsey and Travis Tofi, who has not played all season, will be prepared for possible action now that Cody is out.
RUGBY and Kenilworth MP Andy King (below) is one of more than 150 backbenchers worried about possible action against Iraq.
The item will come back at the July 17 meeting for possible action.
The Acton parents brought their concerns before the school board during a meeting last week at which board members discussed possible action.
Further, we have directed LAUSD staff to take all possible action to minimize construction costs between now and August 1, and then to secure the site at a cost of not more than $2.
An official of China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said that the ministry will consider taking possible actions in response to a ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO) panel about a steel pipe trade dispute.
An April 2004 conference will address IUU fishing activities in a multidisciplinary fashion to generate a more comprehensive range of possible actions.
Rossi outlined an expansive array of possible actions, including the development and promotion of an annual advocacy agenda (and a system for "grading" success), consideration of allying the Institute with other organizations, restructuring its technical submissions, and possibly bolstering its staff.
Enables the athlete to rehearse the possible actions, strategies, and probable outcomes of the actual performance.
As a means of arriving at these decisions, the simulation provided a total of 21 possible actions.
Readers are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, unforeseen changes in the course of research and development activities and in clinical trials by others; possible acquisitions of other technologies, assets or businesses; possible actions by customers, suppliers, competitors, regulatory authorities; and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company's periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.