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excessive desire to possess or dominate

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Females were significantly higher on possessiveness.
Huskey's descriptions of Billy's lustier moments reveal a certain sexual insecurity, marked by his character's possessiveness and fairly one-dimensional view of women.
There is a lot of possessiveness as so many companies restarted stalled projects.
By the looks of it, Basu has the upper hand in her relationship with Baweja but the actress's sudden possessiveness makes us wonder if there is something more serious brewing?
Amal Maher is getting full of possessiveness, claiming that she will be the only celebrity on the judging panel of the upcoming talent search TV show "The Winner".
Initially swept up by Carl's panache, mistaking his possessiveness as caring, she soon finds him to be selfish, controlling, and a philanderer.
Maybe it's some primal, chimp-like possessiveness, as in: She's mine.
Cuddles are cool this year but watch out for that other snake trait - possessiveness.
I appreciate the possessiveness of the management and their keenness to ensure their customers' convenience.
She explains how to deal with children's anger, frustration and disappointment, stress, worries, fears, trauma, loss, caring and empathy, self-esteem and sense of control, and issues with procrastination and bedtime, possessiveness, defiance and lying, physical aggression and bullies, emotional aggression, and safe and risky behaviors, as well as provide nurturing relationships in the family and with peers, and build life skills for listening, responsibility, school, homework, and learning.
The reason is Izzy, his long-suffering girlfriend who had felt understandably uncomfortable by his possessiveness.
Mr Jameson said a more rational man would have ignored the claim, but he alleged that because of Kelly's jealousy and possessiveness he killed Mr Driver.
Tim Spencer, prosecuting, told the court: "When he killed her he was in a rage, a rage which was fuelled by drink and by his own possessiveness and jealously.
Instead of late night parties, long working hours without breaks and too much possessiveness about inanimate objects, get involved in meaningful relationships and have a healthy lifestyle," says Dr Singh.
Some of these may be due to monetary issues, or they may be down to possessiveness about the time you are or are not spending with a partner.