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Synonyms for possession

Synonyms for possession

the fact of possessing or the legal right to possess something

something, as land and assets, legally possessed

an area subject to rule by an outside power

Synonyms for possession

being controlled by passion or the supernatural

a mania restricted to one thing or idea


a territory that is controlled by a ruling state

(sport) the act of controlling the ball (or puck)

References in classic literature ?
Now, though, it was different--only a despised dog of a Christian stood between himself and possession of the girl.
On the twenty-eighth of October the Fiscal was in possession of all the information that we could collect, and our duties for the time
The possession of the poison was traced directly to my husband, and to no one else.
Having the arsenic in his possession, what had he done with it?
I never had access to the arsenic after I placed the two packages in my wife's possession.
As there are two teams in every match the average total for possessions was 390.
Rawalpindi -- Rawalpindi police conducted search operations in different areas and arrested six suspected persons besides recovering drugs, weapons, stolen motorcycle from their possessions.
Bhagowala police arrested Abdul Rauf and Waheed and recovered five liter and four liter liquor from their possessions respectively.
In providing a cognitive map of possessions on this prodigious scale, the book is a landmark work of inspired sleuthing and impressive erudition that will long merit appreciative consideration.
But many other possessions that are reported lost -- some weird, some wacky, some mysterious -- never reappear.
It will also cover damaged possessions and protect you from liability lawsuits.
Consistent with the fact they are excluded from a federal consolidated return, section 936 possessions corporations are generally excluded from the water's-edge group.
and possessions under one of two methods: apportionment or (with IRS permission) books and records.
After his arrival he moved himself from a large farming town into a very remote river village, giving up first his old car and then his new bicycle so as not to have any possessions that those he would be living with would never be able to own.
Bergerus's colleagues responded to this quandary not only by denouncing Bergerus's activities, but by calling into question the genuineness of the possessions he was claiming to cure.