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Synonyms for possessed

Synonyms for possessed

Synonyms for possessed

influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion


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frenzied as if possessed by a demon

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Prosecutors said the suspect possessed 38 poppy seeds, 11 marijuana-stuffed cigarettes, four cigarette butts stuffed with marijuana and a number of plastic bottles that contained the same drug.
An anti-narcotics police lieutenant testified that an informant alerted them that the waiter possessed drugs on Shaikh Zayed Road.
Mohammed Mumtaz, 27, told police that he had been possessed a month before Nalia Mumtaz died at their home in July 2009, Birmingham Crown Court was told.
3 : to enter into and control firmly <He acted as if possessed by a demon.
Still, she says, Flu possessed enough unusual neural characteristics to uphold her membership in a separate Homo species.
Again, whether individuals with more positive attitudes actually possessed positive attitudes or simply less negative attitudes is unclear.
Possessed will air on the Horror Channel sometime in 2006.
John's gospel, interestingly, has no stories about demons, but Jesus is accused of being possessed by one on three separate occasions.
The 7 pulsotype B isolates possessed SCCmec IV but were not of the 4 known IV subtypes (IV not a-d); all were CIP- and SXT-susceptible but GEN-resistant.
A hybrid thriller that mixes courtroom arguments with psychological terror, ``Emily Rose'' follows the case of a priest (Tom Wilkinson) who stands accused of negligence in the death of a young woman he believed to be possessed.
Shirin Neshat's luminous black-and-white video Possessed, 2001, which lent the show its title, depicts--to the accompaniment of Sussan Deyhim's soaring, mournful sound track--a lovely, wildeyed woman muttering to herself, whispering into cracks in walls, and stirring up trouble in a town square.
Each crimped polyester fiber possesses a tensile strenght about the same as the tensile factor possessed by an otherwise identical uncrimped polyester fiber.
25) The second longest list belonged to Francesco Cacino, canon of the collegiate church of Omegna, who in 1646 possessed almost 250 books, one hundred secular in nature.
The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 succeeded only because the Russian people never possessed a tradition of freedom.
For in the diaspora, the possessed are governed not simply by script but also by productive conditions that render their entire play a tripling" (53).