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an elementary particle with positive charge


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Near-surface depth profiling of solids by mono-energetic positrons.
The Canadian regulator has issued a Medical Device License to the Attrius systems manufacturer, Neusoft Positron Medical Systems, which is a joint venture between China's Neusoft Medical Systems and Positron Corporation.
Akers said Positron tests materials for clients in industry and government.
We are excited at the prospect of welcoming the world-class innovations and talented employees of Manhattan Isotope to the Positron team," said Patrick G.
John Zehner, chief operating officer of Positron, said that this agreement provides Positron with various advantages and additional resources.
If seekers of positronic water, however, can use the intense positron beam at Lawrence Livermore (Calif.
This letter will serve as a means to update and inform you about the activities and opportunities that exist as a shareholder in Positron Corporation.
CEO of IEDC, recommended to the public finance director of the State of Indiana, Kendra York, that the IFA award Midwestern Disaster Area Bonds to the applicant, Positron Corporation, for their 70 MeV cyclotron facility project in Noblesville, Indiana.
One possibility is that a positron may merge briefly with a quark, creating a particle that theorists call a leptoquark.
The new facility enables Positron to consolidate two existing central Indiana sites at one campus: improving communication, reducing expenditures and increasing productivity.
Positron Corporation (OTCBB:POSC) ("Positron", or the "Company"), a leading molecular imaging company specializing in the field of nuclear cardiology, announced today that in a meeting last night, the City Council of Noblesville passed a global resolution approving economic development assistance for Positron and its proposed high energy 70 MeV cyclotron project and radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility.
Thus, the electron's antimatter counterpart, called a positron, has a positive charge, and the antiproton has a negative charge.
Positron Corporation (OTCBB:POSC) ("Positron", or the "Company"), a leading molecular imaging company specializing in the field of nuclear cardiology, is pleased to announce that it has executed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with the City of Noblesville, Indiana to relocate its corporate headquarters, research & development and product manufacturing facilities to Noblesville.
set up an experiment to find neutrinos by looking for the rare instances in which a certain kind of neutrino collides with a proton (in water) to create a neutron and positron.