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of or relating to positivism

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Different from positivistic research of literary relations, literary reception is mingled with elements of aesthetics and psychological factors which are hardly positivistic, thus belonging to the scope of literary variation.
The drive to redevelop policy capacity is an extension of the rational, positivistic view of policy-making, (6) in which optimal solutions can be objectively identified, selected, and implemented.
The book is not meant to present a watertight intellectual argument to the reader, nor is it meant to tear down positivistic historiography (although it certainly tries to challenge it).
He poses the principle that nothing is insignificant, that the prosaic details that positivistic thought disdains or attributes to a merely physiological rationality are in fact signs encrypted in history.
Over the years, Hallen has established himself as the leading critic of Horton and, by extension, of Evans-Pritchard's views and arguments--which Horton fervently defended from a positivistic point of view.
Bjorn Dahlem's works, for instance, are undeniably involved with physics, astronomy, and philosophy, yet he nonetheless shuns the overly positivistic paradigm of the researching artist--without, however, falling into long-outdated stereotypes or backward ideologies.
As in most fields, counseling and psychological research has traditionally been approached from positivistic or post-positivistic epistemological paradigms (Morrow, Rakhsha, & Castaneda, 2001).
While granting that postmodern thinkers have often challenged many of the conventions of language and logic, Zycinski recognizes in such tactics an understandable rejection of positivistic modes of thought and an acknowledgement of the inadequacies of many schools of modern thought to accommodate the changing conditions of postcolonial forms of culture.
In a strangely parallel vein, Thanes discusses how modern Thai studies often use European theory simply as a means to legitimate their own positivistic work.
8), the study traces its development from its postmillenialist (that is, its more positivistic and progressivist nineteenth-century "social gospelist") form as championed chiefly by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) in Ottoman domains, through the transition to premillennialist apocalyptic approaches arising in the aftermath of World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.
Situating his arguments at the contemporary scene of the attack dogs of aggressive atheism, he pleads a convincing case that the Hutchins and Dawkins of this world are still bogged down in a stale 19th-century positivistic notion of science.
Consequently, employing the term "inerrancy" to describe the character of the Scriptures seems inherently tied to a rationalistic and positivistic position and plays into the hands of higher criticism.
Burton and others look to biology as a transcendental source of needs that would protect needs from social engineering, but I argue that the positivistic view of biology cannot be maintained consistently and that it has negative repercussions.
whose positivistic outlook destroyed the faith-based interpretation of Biblical history.
For example, this issue includes both positivistic and qualitative research, as well as a seldom-seen example of action research.