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Synonyms for positiveness

the fact or condition of being without doubt

Synonyms for positiveness

the character of the positive electric pole

a quality or state characterized by certainty or acceptance or affirmation and dogmatic assertiveness

the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome

an amount greater than zero


Related Words

the quality of being undeniable and not worth arguing about

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His ambition, excitement and positiveness has struck not only on the dressing room and the players but also the fans.
We are aspiring to reach Mars not by power, rather by science, knowledge, strong will and positiveness," Shaikh Mohammed said, urging Emirati sons and daughters and all community segments each in his place of work to act as one team, and equip themselves with positive energy in order to reach their goal which might seems out of reach.
It is easy to show that the Statement 1 provides the positiveness of the radicand expression in (29) and (30), including that at u' > c.
Mumbai: The sudden unexpected spike in crude prices played spoilsport for the Indian market, sidelining Sensex all-time highs amid some of the positiveness of country's macro level during the week.
I HAVE recently been visiting Ireland and I was once again struck by the positiveness of the country, given the horrendous economic crisis it faced only a few years ago .
I'm enjoying the positiveness in our batting and I think we can take that to the next level.
The workshop included three sessions, the first session tackled the concepts, definitions, components and the positiveness of governance, the second one addressed features, types, basic properties and requirements of governance to achieve growth, quality and excellence, while the third reviewed methodology of governance, in addition to a number of successful experiences in the same area.
Hasn't had the coaching experience, but she brings a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of positiveness," Hancock said.
Camacho Ali asserted that she supported Muhammed financially for three years and also gave him guidance, positiveness and emotional support when he needed it.
Therefore, we hope that this positiveness moves to the lobbies of the international conference on Syria," he added.
And meeting after break between Jumblatt, Geagea Sleiman faces threat: My steps governed by constitution AL-AKHBAR: Hariri's positiveness regarding Cabinet formation THE DAILY STAR: Hezbollah, Sleiman tangle over Cabinet - President Michel Sleiman and Hezbollah indirectly engaged in a war of words Thursday over the shape of a new Cabinet, adding further strain to ties already soured between the two sides over the war in Syria Moadamieh accepts regime conditions for aid A.
It might go up if there is some flicker of positiveness coming up (from the US).
8220;We have already worked in the Turkish marketplace, and now its continuing growth and the excellent results obtained so far suggest new paths to follow and new business opportunities to establish and pursue, which we look forward to with great positiveness and optimism.
But only if such a positiveness exists are we able to give a structure of meaning to our sense of being lost.
His never ending humor, positiveness, and encouragement to others while fighting his own battles was a testament to who he was.