positively charged

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having a positive charge

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The authors hope that this set of rules-molecules should be positively charged, contain an amine group, and be rigid and non-globular-will spur the conversion of other Gram-positive-only antibacterials into broad spectrum drugs.
The positively charged and neutral nanoparticles mildly inhibited stem cell proliferation but had no effect on their differentiation into bone cells.
Positively charged atoms are heavier than the positrons (the counterpart of the electron) that astronomers thought might make up jets.
The researchers wanted to leverage the ability of microorganisms to form biofilms as they are negatively charged and can, therefore, attach to positively charged metal ions.
It is the third product in the Crystal Veil series, which currently comprises Crystal Veil (launched in October 2009), a drug-free positively charged allergen screen topical gel that protects against pollen and house dust, and Crystal Veil Cool (launched in November 2010), a cooling version of Crystal Veil that contains menthol.
They prepared a chemical called AI-PAM, which consists of a positively charged aluminum hydroxide core surrounded by branches of polyacrylamide.
Curiously, positively charged surfaces inspire supercooled water to freeze from the bottom up, while negatively charged surfaces cause it to freeze from the top down.
Clear the Air utilizes anions, which are negatively charged particles that can attract positively charged ions.
The experimental cooling device, fabricated on top of a mock computer chip, works by generating ions using negatively charged cathodes and a positively charged anode positioned above the cathodes.
The first 40 layers alternate between positively charged and negatively charged polymers.
Particles called--flow from a negatively charged area in a cloud to a positively charged area to form lightning.
Shield technology uses positively charged silane-based molecules that modify and remain permanently fixed to the fabric it protects.
Thus, only positively charged amine-modified particles led to a marked increase in prothrombotic tendency, which we showed to result, at least in part, from platelet activation
When you moved the positively charged balloon to the plastic, the negatively charged electrons in the plastic were attracted to the positive protons in the balloon (unlike charges attract).
Negatively charged in the centre and positively charged on the periphery, the rings are most noticeable in the carbonate soil of Northern Ontario.