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Synonyms for positively

Synonyms for positively

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USA], Jul 6 ( ANI ): A team of researchers has found that handshaking is viewed more positively by the Westerners than the East Asians.
8221; declares Rebecca Scanlon, a Chappaqua mom of two, who is the Founder and CEO of Positively Primal.
Germany is followed by Japan, which was the most positively viewed nation among Turks last year.
It is the third product in the Crystal Veil series, which currently comprises Crystal Veil (launched in October 2009), a drug-free positively charged allergen screen topical gel that protects against pollen and house dust, and Crystal Veil Cool (launched in November 2010), a cooling version of Crystal Veil that contains menthol.
When choosing between options with uncertain outcomes, both groups chose the risky option more often in response to negatively framed dilemmas compared with the positively framed.
Synopsis: Black and Hispanics rate Hillary Clinton very positively, helping to offset a negative view of her among non-Hispanic whites.
Hart Union High School District and Los Angeles public schools canceled appearances by Positively Waiting because state law prohibits abstinence-only sex education.
Results indicate that task value and self-efficacy were significantly positively related to students' use of elaboration, critical thinking, and metacognitive learning strategies.
1) In analyses controlling for demographic characteristics, reported levels of precoital sexual activity and intercourse among both whites and blacks were positively related to exposure to sexual content in media.
We Positively Act in Unity when we collectively bargain and campaign.
West End Capital Partners LLC, a private real estate development company dedicated to positively impacting communities through homeownership, recently purchased a vacant, two-story historic landmark building in Roebling, NJ.
Positively For Kids has published a new autobiographical series of books for children based on the true life stories of famous athletes in diverse sports including football, basketball, baseball, etc.
The researchers point out that foreign direct investment is positively correlated with the number of International Labor Organization conventions ratified, and that multinational investment "is positively correlated with the right to establish free unions, the right to strike, the right to collective bargaining, and the protection of union members.
The ICO is addressing these outdated beliefs with the launch of the Positively Coffee Web site www.