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the terminal of a battery that is connected to the positive plate

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the pole of a magnet that points toward the north when the magnet is suspended freely

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This axis had a positive pole of individuals who were: separated or divorced, older adults, adults with their own children, people who did not participate in religious activities, had been informed of serious disease and who had died from poisoning or had thrown themselves from a height.
Males living with a partner, unemployed people, those who had had economic difficulties or affective separation during the previous six months, disorders due to substance abuse, used a firearm to commit suicide or presented positive results in the psychoactive substances examination were separated towards the positive pole.
Near the end of the winding which runs to the positive pole of the dry cell is a contact stud leading to a binding post.
Consequently the shifting of the wire from the positive pole of the dry cell for the main dial from its usual binding post to either the check A or check B binding post does not appreciably alter the total resistance in the path of the main-dial current.
Analysis of the frequency transfer function (12) for loads with exponential and exponentially-cosine correlation functions shown that it has positive poles of the variable j[omega], therefore, such a system can not be physically realized.
is the component which has positive poles of the complex variable j[omega] and can not be realized physically.
Acute ischemia that is typically a consequence of coronary artery occlusion is associated with ST segment elevation on ECG leads, whose positive poles are located over the ischemic region and with reciprocal ST depression in leads whose positive poles are oriented in the opposite direction [13].
While Samsung has yet to pinpoint "the exact cause," it detailed in a report to the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards that a production mishap led the negative and positive poles of batteries to come into contact with one another and overheat the battery.
Confronting the materials' positive poles (friendly colors, lightness) with dark and complex social, historical, and political subject matter, the artist creates life-size tableaux in which figures derived from comics, horror movies, art, and history often converge in sinister ways.
Since opposite charges attract, water's negative poles grab the positive poles of other molecules, like hydrogen in carbohydrates such as breads.
According to Boucher and Osgood's (1969) Pollyanna hypothesis, people tend to use the positive poles of bipolar opposites (e.
Sensors embedded in an elastic band would be worn around the athlete's chest, with the negative and positive poles of the sensors picking up the heart rhythm.
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