positive charge

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having a deficiency of electrons

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The five major Positive Charge grants from NAF benefit geographically diverse communities that span the major epicenters of the epidemic as well as emerging areas of significant impact.
There is a great deal of variety in how a cloud can become electrified, and the graphic shows an instance in which electrical breakdown traveled from a region of negative charge toward and through a lower region of positive charge.
Particles with a positive charge can penetrate the negatively charged cell membrane, but such particles can't be injected into the body without a "cloak" of some kind because they would also destroy healthy tissues.
3] adsorption and accumulation should occur throughout the whole profile since a positive charge of 1-2.
Gray dots show where positive charge resides, and gold represents unidentified sources of radiation.
Like poles on a magnet, the negative charge at the bottom of the thundercloud and the positive charge of the ground are attracted to each other.
If an electric field is imposed on a solution of proteins, those with a positive charge outweighing the negative charge will travel toward the cathode, and those with a negative charge outweighing the positive charge will travel toward the anode.
The research team suspects that the polymer's positive charge and stiffness induce the clotting.
The carpet, correspondingly, is left with a positive charge due to its deficit of electrons.
Dirac had predicted, from theoretical considerations, that there must be a particle just like the electron but with a positive charge rather than a negative one (see 1930).
These compounds have a net positive charge that is electrostatically attracted to the negatively charged cell membranes of certain viruses, fungi and bacteria.
Interestingly, the positive charge is independent of pH value, and this characteristic was used in this research.
Before colliding, the grains have an overall neutral charge but are polarized by a background electric field, with a negative charge toward the top of the grain and a positive charge toward the bottom, relative to the ground.
The researchers have found evidence indicating that the net positive charge of this protein is increased in marine mammals compared with terrestrial relatives, and they have speculated that this may help improving the solubility of the molecule.
The asymmetry lies in this: Electricity exists as positive and negative charges, and these can be easily isolated-there are particles with positive charge only (positrons or protons) and particles with negative charge only (electrons or antiprotons).
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