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(computer science) the actuator that moves a read/write head to the proper data track

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UK based retailers quickly said they were going to withdraw the positioners, sometimes called nests or anti-roll cushions, from sale.
It said the positioners - also know as nests or anti-roll products - "can cause suffocation that can lead to death".
The positioners, which are sometimes called nests or wedges, are intended to keep the baby in one place on their back and are marketed as suitable for use up to six months of age.
John Lewis told worried customers on Twitter that both of these products are not considered sleep positioners and are therefore still on sale.
US-based medical products maker AliMed has launched its InvisiCoat radiolucent patient positioners for use with diagnostic imaging procedures, the company said on Tuesday.
An added complication in these situations is that the positioner controls a volume booster that results in a much higher air capacity than the positioner and this can lead to an overshoot on responding to small signal changes.
We wanted to make it as easy, timesaving, and safe as possible for OR personnel to attach our positioners to most any operating table.
Physik Instrumente's LPS-24 series of miniaturized, piezo motor-driven linear positioners are <1" wide and provide 15 mm travel range with closed-loop sensor resolution up to 2 nm.
Hexapod positioners are capable of submicrometer and even nanometer precision.
SP500 HART [R] electropneumatic digital positioners support HART [R] communication protocol.
20 -- W E Anderson Division of Dwyer Instruments has introduced Series 185 & 285 Smart Positioners.
Metso will provide three new 240 kip wire rope positioners and a new rotary railcar dumper and a replacement rotary railcar dumper, both to include all new hoppers, feeders and gates.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration are warning parents to stop using infant sleep positioners, saying the devices--initially developed as a way to prevent colic, gastrointestinal reflux disease, and flat head syndrome in infants--may have caused up to 12 infant deaths over the past 13 years.
BE-rkert has expanded its line of digital electropneumatic positioners for pneumatic actuators with the SideControl 8791 Basic.
each of these categories having specific subdivisions according with robot's specific location, types / number of positioners / workstation number (Nicolescu, 2005).