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(computer science) the actuator that moves a read/write head to the proper data track

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On Wednesday America's Food and Drug Administration urged parents to ditch sleep positioners as they can cause newborns to suffocate.
John Lewis has removed the Cocoonababy Sleep Positioner from sale.
The positioners, sometimes called nests or wedges, are intended to keep the baby in one place on their back and are marketed as suitable for use up to six months of age.
Double-j stent 4Fr, Sterile with positioner, Length 20 cms
To overcome these problems control valve specialists Samson Controls have developed a control valve positioner package which ensures precise positioning with fast response times, over the entire operating range, for example strokes of 60mm and greater.
We wanted to make it as easy, timesaving, and safe as possible for OR personnel to attach our positioners to most any operating table.
This creates a serial kinematic system where the positioner on the very bottom has to move all the mass on the top.
What makes the project special for us is that this will be the first Gemini positioner system with positioners on both the exit and entrance ends of the dumper.
However, the agency believes there are multiple infant sleep positioner products on the market that may be making health claims about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or reflux, but that never have been reviewed by the FDA.
The new 8791 positioner is the basic version of the SideControl 8792 and 8793 positioners introduced in July 2009 and is specially designed for ease of operation.
type and number of numerically controlled (NC) axes of the positioner system (part orienting system during / between arc welding stages);
Siemens says a unique feature of its SIPART PS2 valve positioner is its extremely low air consumption.
Total integration of the new servo motors for each axis of the positioners make it possible to coordinate the welding process and positioner movements from one control unit.
A heavy-duty, non-conductive support and positioner is available for high gain, log periodic antennas.
If attaching the lower lightning rod, NSN 5920-01-377-9518, to the AB-1373/TRC antenna positioner requires the King Kong treatment, you're screwing it in wrong