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a report that explains or justifies or recommends some particular policy

a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications)

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When these position papers were published, we note that the program was actually already on going because it was officially launched prior to the publication of those recommendations,' Weiler said.
EdcelLagmanfiled two position papers on the right to counsel and cross-examine the witnesses in the impeachment proceedings.
It approved two position papers which includes construction of small dams in district Manshera Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of worth Rs 3.
Five of the eight position papers examine transformational shifts that affect all industries, with a focus on digital application experiences, agile hybrid cloud platforms, secure digital networks, integrated digital service management (IDSM), and hyper-productive digital workplaces.
The position paper provides a comprehensive overview for optometrists on what constitutes a comprehensive paediatric eye examination and what aspects would require modifications or use of additional specialist equipment.
Any member of the Association may propose a policy resolution or position paper.
All NAGC position papers are approved by the NAGC Board of Directors and remain consistent with the organization's position that education in a democracy must respect the uniqueness of all individuals, the broad range of cultural diversity present in our society, and the similarities and differences in learning characteristics that can be found within any group of students.
The talks focused for a second day on the issue of governance and power sharing, with Christofias formally tabling a position paper containing the points he had made verbally on Monday.
acknowledged that "on the streets of his small and largely black hometown, far from the bitterness of partisan agendas and position papers, Charles Pickering is a widely admired figure.
To this end, negotiation position papers (NPPs) help negotiators express their positions clearly and concisely during an incident.
NEHA recently contributed to the IFEH Board of Directors two of its adopted position papers as possible templates or beginning points for similar position papers IFEH might create.
So far this year, VICA has issued 29 position papers on issues ranging from a U.
Thus, he presented two position papers (affidavits), one by Sue Laforet, Hall's religion teacher, the other by Larry Trafford, a former religion teacher and, today, Executive Assistant in Professional Development with OECTA.
One of our greatest assets, the Law Committee reviews all pending legislation and issues position papers.
Latvia is working hard on its next position papers, and hopes to have a broad agenda during the French Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers: its aim is to open 12 more chapters over the next six months and it has made projections as to which of these it would prefer to be held under discussion.