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a report that explains or justifies or recommends some particular policy

a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications)

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For more about the SRPc and to see the position paper visit: http://www.
Richmond Pharmacology supports EUCROF's position paper as it provides a reasonable and practical starting point for further discussion.
In addition to changing the name of the condition, the MRONJ position paper provides guidance:
Since then the BCB has come around to support the proposals, apparently after it was given an assurance that its Test status would not be snatched away, because the leaked original draft position paper had suggested a two- tier Test cricket and Bangladesh was slotted in the bottom tier.
The Academy's position paper highlighted that nutrition is an integral component of oral health.
The position paper sets out a number of proposed changes to the Commonwealth financial framework that aim to boost productivity, efficiency and performance.
The methodology described in the position paper may be used by industry to obtain efficacy data during the development of new antifouling coatings.
The immediate aim of the position paper is to contribute to the public debate about end-of-life decision-making, specifically around the aims and content of the SALC Report.
The following links to the ADA's position paper are working at the time of this issue's publication:
The Position Paper is fatally flawed, particularly considering that it does not contain a discussion regarding the numbers of deaths from the drug.
The position paper provides a comprehensive overview for optometrists on what constitutes a comprehensive paediatric eye examination and what aspects would require modifications or use of additional specialist equipment.
Any member of the Association may propose a policy resolution or position paper.
The taskforce, a coalition of various civil society activists made this resolution while drafting their position paper on Monday, a day before the much-hyped pro-separation procession organized by the youth fraternity in Juba.
The group has developed a position paper on articulation related to nursing in collaboration with IONE and will soon have developed a position paper for allied health.
The talks focused for a second day on the issue of governance and power sharing, with Christofias formally tabling a position paper containing the points he had made verbally on Monday.