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(genetics) the effect on the expression of a gene that is produced by changing its location in a chromosome

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Next, two LLTMs were estimated to see if a position effect occurs in this data set.
From this approach, we attempted to extend upon prior studies on recall by showing the role of contextual control that alters the conventional serial position effect such that the middle acquired response results in the highest recovery in the resurgence test.
Training the classifier using data acquired in multiple positions or while subjects performed dynamic activity were two proposed potential solutions to the limb position effect for classification accuracy with EMG signals [15].
According to the so-called Serial Position Effect (SPE), the recalling of an auditory stimulus is affected by the position in which it is presented to the listener, being the first and last positions always the most beneficial (Oberauer, 2003).
Keywords: Bt rice, FISH, Position Effect, Copy Number, Transgene
The serial position effect is the phenomenon in which faster learning and greater recall of items occur at the beginning (primacy effect) and end (recency effect) in comparison to items at the middle of a list.
It can be conjectured that the selection of common items has a direct effect on the estimation error of academic abilities due to item misfit, small changes in the common items, position effect, and other sources of construct-irrelevant changes between measurement occasions.
Based on the information available we propose that in our case the chromosomal rearrangement could have separated the promoter from a distant regulatory element, or might have juxtaposed a gene with a regulatory element from another gene, or brought a gene and its regulatory element close to another gene generating competition for the regulatory element between the two genes, and finally, the rearrangement could have given rise to a position effect variegation (PEV) (14,15).
The first result showed no head position effect for the group of judoists (6[degrees] [+ or -] 5[degrees]; 7[degrees] [+ or -] 5[degrees]) or dancers (4[degrees] [+ or -] 2[degrees]; 5[degrees] [+ or -] 3[degrees]), but a significant effect for untrained participants (5[degrees] [+ or -] 2[degrees]; 7[degrees] [+ or -] 3[degrees]), whose visual vertical perception was more disturbed with the head tilted than upright.
gene silencing, paramutation, genomic imprinting, position effect, etc.
In other words, if financial integration has a position effect on growth, there is as yet no clear and robust empirical proof that the effect is quantitatively significant", the report said.
Given its robust nature, the serial position effect is a great in-class demonstration, and results provide an opportunity to apply the classic "stages of processing" theory of human memory.
1993), we do not attach any theoretical importance to the locus of the serial position effect.
Furthermore, the investment in question will have a position effect on water quality in the North Sea; it forms part of international measures being taken forward under the 1985 Convention on the North Sea (the aim of which is to reduce the level of pollution in these waters)".
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