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Synonyms for position

Synonyms for position

the place where a person or thing is located

the way in which one is placed or arranged

one's place and direction relative to one's surroundings

a frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior

something believed or accepted as true by a person

positioning of one individual vis-à-vis others

to put in or assign to a certain position or location

Synonyms for position

a point occupied by troops for tactical reasons

a job in an organization

the appropriate or customary location

Related Words

a condition or position in which you find yourself

an opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute


Related Words

an item on a list or in a sequence

the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another

the act of positing

Related Words

cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation

References in classic literature ?
An attempt at divorce could lead to nothing but a public scandal, which would be a perfect godsend to his enemies for calumny and attacks on his high position in society.
I must inform her of my conclusion, that thinking over the terrible position in which she has placed her family, all other solutions will be worse for both sides than an external status quo, and that such I agree to retain, on the strict condition of obedience on her part to my wishes, that is to say, cessation of all intercourse with her lover.
A week elapsed, leaving us all three still in this position of secret constraint towards one another.
From this position of helplessness and humiliation I was rescued by Miss Halcombe.
In many cases it seemed to me that the ignorance of my race was being used as a tool with which to help white men into office, and that there was an element in the North which wanted to punish the Southern white men by forcing the Negro into positions over the heads of the Southern whites.
But not all the coloured people who were in office during Reconstruction were unworthy of their positions, by any means.
Here is a woman who has grown old in your service, and in your father's service before you; a woman who has contrived, in all sorts of small, underhand ways, to presume systematically on her position for years and years past; a woman, in short, whom your inconsiderate but perfectly natural kindness has allowed to claim a right of property in you -- "
I was only assuring you, my dear sir, that I understood your position," said the captain.
Vanstone, that your position in this matter is an exceptional position, if ever there was one yet.
Noel Vanstone, after nervously following his host's example, composed himself to meet the coming ordeal, with reclining head and grasping hands, in the position familiarly associated to all civilized humanity with a seat in a dentist's chair.
Give me your hand, sir; tell me, on your word of honor, that you will provide for your wife as becomes her position and your means, and the question of settlements is decided between us from this moment at once and forever
If, at your express request, I take off my honest English coat here and put on a Jesuit's gown -- if, purely out of sympathy for your awkward position, I consent to keep your secret for you from Mrs.
Jones asks you is--what would be your position if it should take place?
It was scarcely, perhaps, what he should have expected from a man in a similar position in his own country, but it was, at any rate, impressive.
Smith continued, "of the present position of your fleet.