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Synonyms for posit

Synonyms for posit

to take for granted without proof

Synonyms for posit

(logic) a proposition that is accepted as true in order to provide a basis for logical reasoning

put (something somewhere) firmly

put before

take as a given

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But Belting overstates the contrasting monolithic quality of traditional art history, since one can find a level of alterity even in the writings of the old guard--Aby Warburg, on the Pueblo Indians, say, or Riegl, in positing a history of ornament against the materialist assumption that it must, as decoration, be a universal answer to a timeless human need.
Citing the 1478 Treviso Arithmetic, Giorlamo and Giovanntonio (sic) Tagliente's 1548 Libro d'abaco, Robert Recorde's 1542 Grounde of Artes, and Raphael Bombelli's 1572 Algebra, Jaffe speculates: "In the wake of zero, the quest for mathematical knowledge comes to revolve around the positing of impossible fictions that stand for value, count for it, are counterfeits.
Miller perhaps goes too far in positing the role of author as "a perpetually alternative venue for 'changing the subject'" (143); however, she presents a persuasive case for the decisive role of gendered audience response.
This "mistake" is the result of the influence that pictures have had on philosophers' notions of mental representation: "Their sole reason for positing such images [images that are conveyed intact from the senses to the brain] was that they saw how easily a picture can stimulate our mind to conceive the objects depicted in it, and so it seemed to them that, in the same way, the mind must be stimulated, by little pictures formed in our head, to conceive objects that affect our senses.
58) If Albertian perspective has been accused of fostering the illusion of the viewer as objective surveyor, positing the viewing subject as the spatial antithesis of the principal point, then anamorphosis, using exactly the same principles, completely resists this kind of spatializing metaphor.