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a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not

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It was not the first time that priest poseurs had been exposed to the public.
Other than Iraq, Blair goes down as one of our better Prime Ministers and Bush as an arrogant president and a poseur who has been found out.
If you study the facial expression of the jockey, you will see gritted teeth and determination throughout the final furlong - not the expression of a cocky poseur.
I really like "The Poseur Diaries" [Fiction, A/S '02].
This poseur, this poor obsessive balless hack, - four hundred and fifty concertos, plus operas and ballets - this pathetic sop, the "Red priest," who coifed his hair and powdered his freckled face in mirrors all over Italy, ran an orphanage for musical girls.
The outstanding exponent of conceptism, Gracian has been variously regarded as a moral philosopher of considerable depth and as an unoriginal intellectual poseur.
Joey Arandia said Nordan, whom they put under surveillance for three days, sold P1,000 worth of marijuana to a police poseur buyer.
Modeling of vegetation, Biotic interactions and hunting in habitats for the iberian lynx under the poseur lince project - modeling of the combined effect of vegetation, Biotic interactions and hunting on habitats suitable for the iberian lynx: Preparation of conditions for reintroduction in portugal (poseur-03-2215-fc- 000040), Coordinated by the center for applied ecology baeta neves, Higher institute of agronomy of the university of lisbon
Anna Mallorca, of Democracia Street, Jaro, Iloilo City, was caught red-handed Sunday, holding a marked P500 bill from a poseur acting as an applicant.
Apres l'identification du numero d'appel, les policiers sont intervenus pour arreter le poseur de [beaucoup moins que]lapin[beaucoup plus grand que] et le remettre entre les mains de la justice.
It's up to you to decide whether he's a talented showman or a pretentious poseur.
The Cherokee is a 4x4 panacea, satisfying the hardcore off-roader with its all-terrain confidence, but with looks to please the most discerning high street poseur.
It was too big and I was too lonely"--are just as they've been described; the videos--which include a clip of Etchells's young son retelling the sinking of the Titanic by biting into a cookie and another showing English soccer star and poseur George Best--were made for fun, not art.
Americans are horrified at our gleeful response of egg-throwing,breast-baring and suspending hamburgers beneath radio- controlled model helicopters to taunt this dismal poseur.