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a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not

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By the end of the movie, the facile poseur goes broke and out of his mind with unrequited love.
This poseur, this poor obsessive balless hack, - four hundred and fifty concertos, plus operas and ballets - this pathetic sop, the "Red priest," who coifed his hair and powdered his freckled face in mirrors all over Italy, ran an orphanage for musical girls.
The wheels that came off their poseur charabanc on 2011's woeful Angles have been stuck back on, but this is a faceless offering from a bunch of dull careerists.
Brand is too much of a poseur instead of a singer and the race-against-time plot lacks tension as he attempts to get to a concert hall called The Greek.
She said: "He loves having his photo taken, he's a proper poseur.
Hes the kind of misanthropic poseur Burns would have lampooned with deadly accuracy.
Don't make it too manicured-looking though or you'll be fingered as a poseur.
It's up to you to decide whether he's a talented showman or a pretentious poseur.
I was among several testers who did not warm to the old model which concentrated more on show than go but now the new lighter, stiffer hybrid aluminium and steel chassis has turned an old poseur into a red-blooded sportster.
Other than Iraq, Blair goes down as one of our better Prime Ministers and Bush as an arrogant president and a poseur who has been found out.
It was too big and I was too lonely"--are just as they've been described; the videos--which include a clip of Etchells's young son retelling the sinking of the Titanic by biting into a cookie and another showing English soccer star and poseur George Best--were made for fun, not art.
I'm a rat--a real one, not some pinstriped poseur with a law degree.
Thirty years ago, every self-respecting poseur had a wicker peacock chair plonked in pride of place in the lounge for friends to admire.
Kaus exposed Reich as an intellectual poseur, an economist wannabe (he was a Yale lawyer who took a Rhodes trip to Oxford), a man who fabricated facts for his many tomes, and one who would - even after being informed that some piece of analysis was faulty, some bit of evidence untrue - continue to dispense policy nonsense so long as it could be slicked up with a new coat of spin.
The simple fact is, people look forward to seeing the Portuguese poseur at their stadium.