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Synonyms for poser



Synonyms for poser

a person who habitually pretends to be something he is not

a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor

a particularly difficult or baffling question or problem

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What Professional Animators and Digital Artists Say about New Poser Pro 11: Jesse Griffith, Animator atJimmy Kimmel Live
Some of the Productivity and Graphics Group's award-winning creative and utilities products include Poser, Anime Studio, Manga Studio and StuffIt.
Poser comes with pre-built, ready to use 3D characters that enable users to begin posing and animating right out of the box.
We had only 10 weeks from the time the space was turned over by the landlord to complete the work," Poser said.
Poser said that he negotiated a $30,000 settlement in the fall with Town Administrator Joshua A.
Users can now download the full retail version of Poser 5, e frontier's 3D human figure art and animation software product, free of charge at http://www.
Not only does it kill skateboarding, but also it makes it less fun to be a skater I get joy when I talk about skating to a poser and drop names that are legends in the skateboard world but unknown on the outside, like Hosoi, Ladd, or Cole.
TransPoser 2 allows users to import Poser v5 and v4 characters and animations into Eovia Carrara 4 software, where they can be integrated in more complex scenes and brought to life with brilliant results.
Zerr I, Bodemer M, Otto M, Poser S, Windl O, Kretzschmar, et al.
The first poser was: Presenter Piers Morgan -just how clever is this man?
But the classic tennis poser is Anna Kournikova, who earned pounds 25million off court compared to her pounds 3million tennis winnings.
The Johns who shows up in Scully's work is neither the fastidiously nostalgic ironist nor the Proustian ponderer, any more than he is the recondite poser of iconographic puzzles.
Smith Micro is inviting the Poser content developer community to join them at their SIGGRAPH booth #1130, to be part of the characters' success, by creating clothing, hair, poses and additional supporting Poser content for the official launch in September 2012.
We're pleased to offer the ease of use and flexibility of our Poser and Anime Studio titles on AWS.
In this substantial study, Poser (academic staff member, Protestant theology, Philipps-Universitat Marburg, Germany) offers an interpretation of the book of Ezekiel as a fictional account drawn from the extreme events and suffering that accompanied the destruction of the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem in the 6th century BCE, the eradication of the Jewish kingdom, and deportation of the Jewish people to Babylon by Nebukanezer in what has been termed a scorched earth policy.