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a representation by picture or portraiture

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Nadia also stressed that she would not even consider accepting portraying Suzan in any work.
Was Pollock possibly portraying the complex communication patterns between the sexes?
In our interviews with New York City Ballet's Merrill Ashley, American Ballet Theatre's Victor Barbee, and Pacific Northwest Ballet's Olivier Wevers--three dancers who excel at portraying evil roles--we learn how they dig inside themselves to come up with a convincing portrayal of wickedness.
It was shocking to read Peter Gilmour's June Odds & Ends, ("Horror flick") in which he accuses Mel Gibson of portraying God as a monster in his movie, The Passion of the Christ.
Hargreaves is currently portraying Big Nose Kate, a lady of the evening.
Two artists, one from China, the other Taiwan--this national distinction is, of course, the subject of an ongoing (and quite theatrical) political standoff--exhibited videos portraying closed portals, offering brief glimpses of action behind their apparently still surfaces.
It's true that, during and after the Cold War, Hollywood has appeared to have little interest in portraying life under Castro's reign.
Jacob, by portraying Esau as a person not very interested in the holy writings, in the birthright itself; she feels that Jacob is the son who has the strongest faith in Abraham's God.
Next, a quick succession of vignettes portraying centuries of immense mathematical frustration spawned by Fermat's never-recorded proof--known as Fermat's last theorem--unfolds across the checkerboard floor of a sparsely furnished stage.
Children read two picture storybooks portraying nontraditional males and two picture storybooks with nontraditional female gender portrayal and rated them.
These include an altarpiece of the Lamentation, a Rest on the Flight into Egypt, and a small-scale triptych portraying the Virgin and Child.
The tradition of portraying God in icons and other religious art forms continues in the Church until this day.
Jest-books such as Een nyeuwe clucht boeck made fun of priests by portraying them as being moronic, as having a shaky knowledge of Latin and the scriptures, as being unchaste, and only being career-minded.
One of the few shows that does a good job of portraying black life, albeit in a humorous light, is The Parent 'Hood.