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a painter or drawer of portraits

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For Phillip and Beth, it was Lionel Richie's 'Truly'; for Frisco and Felicia, it was a song recorded by Frisco's portrayer, Jack Wagner, 'Lady of My Heart'; Loving's (1983-95) (47) Tricia Alden (Noelle Beck) and Trucker McKenzie (Robert Tyler) had Phil Collins' 'Against All Odds'.
Edwards got help from this generation's greatest portrayer of nonhumans - British actor Andy Serkis, best known for his "motion-capture" work with Peter Jackson in creating Gollum, in the Lord of the Rings movies, and King Kong.
John's, Jones turned the tale into a puppet show that features him as narrator and portrayer of non-puppet characters alongside Erdelji (and, more recently, Mary-Lynn Bernard) as puppeteer.
Interjections are, according to the essayist, "a great portrayer of character," and the characteristic social interjections are what one misses most about a lost friend as his voice and presence are recalled (p.
He is the faithful portrayer of nature, whose features are always the same, and always interesting" (Irving 1996, 119).
An insightful portrayer can make sure the lingering shimmer of her bright personality shines beneath her sorrow and frustration.
Portrayer of Dracula at the Halloween Ball since time immemorial.
36 Mark Zuckerberg portrayer in "The Social Network"
During the 150th Birthday Ball at the Gordon Club, Gilbert was recognized for his role as a portrayer of Myer and his commitment and dedication to the history of the U.
Lawson's special value to us is that he stands as the representative writer of a definitive environment, as the portrayer of life on the Australian soil, and that he brings before our eyes more fully and vividly than any other man the way the Australian people's life is going, its characteristic spirit, code, and outlook .
The folk here think Alastair Cook was a legendary and prolific portrayer of Letters from America, rather than a prolific user of a sliver of willow, and that Strauss is a long-gone composer.
Vittorio has chosen a role for Sonia, and he models her to conform to it; yet, so has Garrone with Sonia's portrayer, Cescon.
Miraculous, unequalled, Raphael, Portrayer of divinity
One straight ally who got involved--even before the autumn's tragic string of reported suicides--is Harry Potter portrayer Daniel Radcliffe.
She's one of the most innovative writers of that genre, an ingenious plotter and a brilliant portrayer of character.