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Synonyms for portrayal

Synonyms for portrayal

the act or process of describing in lifelike imagery

Synonyms for portrayal

a word picture of a person's appearance and character

a representation by picture or portraiture

any likeness of a person, in any medium

representation by drawing or painting etc

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What made the portrayal Nora's 'best of the best' was Brocka's eye for perfect casting.
The council had radical implications on the life of nuns and their portrayal in media, stories, and, of course, films.
Remembering robots from film portrayals may help ease some of the anxiety that older adults have about using a robot, according to researchers at Pennsylvania State University, State College.
It made me see the portrayal of clergy in particular on television quite differently.
Instead the leading actor role went to Jason Watkins for his portrayal as the murder accused in ITV's drama the Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies.
In 95 percent of the major character portrayals, it was the "goodies" that were consuming junk food, while over 90 percent of the characters were not overweight and just under 40 percent of the content came from the USA.
Steep took on the role in the 2011 film The Iron Lady, and the film won two Oscars, for best actress (Streep's third) and for make-up, for a portrayal that few dispute impersonated Thatcher perfectly.
Damian Lewis hailed a 'golden age' of television as he scooped an award for his portrayal of an American in espionage thriller Homeland, which counts Barack Obama as a fan.
If we look at decade wise assessment of gender portrayal research, a similar pattern of gender stereotyping is acknowledged and yielded slightly different results.
Melvyn Stokes' analysis is among the first, examining two very early portrayals of Lincoln in D.
SIR - IT is a great pity Rob Driscoll's article on Robert Pattinson didn't mention his amazing portrayal of Salvador Dali in Little Ashes.
Bullock took best drama actress for her portrayal of an inspirational mentor in The Blind Side while Streep was recognised for her portrayal of television chef Julia Child in Julie & Julia.
With an almost David Lynch-like eye for eccentricity and menace, his portrayal of seemingly mundane Americana is sharply controlled and meticulously worked out.
Nominees for Best Actor reveal a mix of youth and experience as Scottish veteran Ken Stott is nominated for his portrayal of The Lad 'Imself in Hancock and Joan.
The film, released in US theaters on Friday, has earned critical plaudits for its portrayal of rural life in Iran and striking cinematography depicting the country`s natural beauty.