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Synonyms for portraiture

a word picture of a person's appearance and character

the activity of making portraits

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Freund adopts a quite different, and refreshing perspective, focusing on how portraiture as a genre was reworked across the whole revolutionary epoch.
This show takes a look at portraiture in a manner not traditionally shown.
05pm Channel 4) Grayson Perry's unique take on portraiture might not be to everyone's taste, but his interviews with his sitters are thought-provoking.
England) examines how first-wave British Gothic fiction mythologized the rise of mass picture identification between 1764 and 1935 (picture identification defined as a cultural use of portraiture or, more specifically, "an intersemiotic practice that most commonly matches an embodied, presented face to a named, represented face to verify social identity" and "mass" picture identification understood as the unprecedented downward class mobility in who was picture-identified, who was granted authorities to read portraits, and how portraits were read).
Freeland shows the historical development of the idea of portraiture as part of her focus on her main theme--the 'perennial philosophical problem of the mind's relation to the body':
All art, including portraiture, derives from the cult of the dead, and its original function is, therefore, commemorative.
According to author Larry Friedlander, the main commonality lies in the act of portraiture, which consists of more than just the realistic depiction of a subject, but also a number of rhetorical decisions closely intertwined with evolving ideas of identity and society.
So This Is Permanence aims to affirm as well as question the role of portraiture within contemporary art.
NEW YORK, April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Arnold and Augusta Newman Foundation announced today that Brooklyn-based photographer Emily Schiffer has been selected as the winner of the 2010 Arnold Newman Prize for New Directions in Photographic Portraiture.
Lucian Freud is an artist whose work has redefined portraiture and the nude over the past twenty-five years.
Gabrielle Langdon reads female portraiture as a pictorial strategy inseparable from other propagandistic programs of the sixteenth-century Florentine court of Duke Cosimo I and his wife, Eleonora di Toledo.
By placing the woman at the margin, Degas challenges the category of portraiture, which typically directs the viewer toward the sitter.
Though literary portraiture speaks volumes about the complicated connection between identity, sexuality, and art, very little writing has specifically addressed 'queer modernism' in literary portraiture prior to a scholarly summation and analysis as represented with "A Thousand Words".
Featuring an extensively annotated biography, this seminal work follows Kinstler's personal and artistic development from his first job as an apprentice comic book inker to his decision to leave the commercial art field and devote his life to portraiture.
They include "Traditional Portraiture," taught by instructor Len Levy, "Marketing for the Professional Photographer," "Sports Photography," a "Photographing Nature" lecture series, "Photoshop Elements," "Basic Photography," "Beginning Portraiture Lighting," "Pixels for Parents," "Taking Better Vacation Photos," "Digital Darkroom Techniques," and more.