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Synonyms for portraiture

a word picture of a person's appearance and character

the activity of making portraits

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The sub-genre of 18th-century British portraiture known as 'the conversation piece' has almost come to define our visual and mental understanding of how the aristocratic, gentry and mercantile elites looked and behaved, as they relaxed, entertained, and showed off.
The six-person show "The Politics of Portraiture" suggested that portraiture, as both a tradition and a practice, now lies in fragments.
Authors Livingstone and Heymer present readers with a comprehensive examination of the portraiture of painter David Hockney, examining his understanding of the ways in which human beings have been portrayed throughout the history of art.
Portraiture and Politics in Revolutionary France, by Amy Freund.
Portraiture is the result of over three years of passionate pursuit of 'subjects' across the UAE, says Shihab.
The Glenbow Museum, in Calgary, has a new exhibit featuring work by contemporary Indigenous artists from across Canada who use portraiture as a powerful gesture of both self-expression and self-determination.
Portraiture Unplugged: Natural Light Photography offers a basic guide to working with natural light and creating marketable results, from locating scenes that suit portraiture to producing exceptional, artistic results from relatively simple tools and approaches.
00pm Simon Schama explores the history of British portraiture, revealing the stories behind some of the greatest images in art.
The Face of the City: Civic Portraiture and Civic Identity in Early Modern England.
FOR an artist, portraiture has almost become expedient and for the viewer, it opens up a gamut of possibilities -- from looking into the soul of the person to an honest observation of the artist or even a selfie bubble of the sitter.
Suzannah will discuss portraiture of those with facial injuries from the First World War to contemporary conflicts during the free lecture.
Portraiture and British Gothic Fiction; The Rise of Picture Identification, 1764-1835.
The Art and Business of High School Senior Portrait Photography is packed with color photos accompanying discussions of the techniques that have made author Ellie Vayo one of the biggest name in senior portraiture in the country.
England) examines how first-wave British Gothic fiction mythologized the rise of mass picture identification between 1764 and 1935 (picture identification defined as a cultural use of portraiture or, more specifically, "an intersemiotic practice that most commonly matches an embodied, presented face to a named, represented face to verify social identity" and "mass" picture identification understood as the unprecedented downward class mobility in who was picture-identified, who was granted authorities to read portraits, and how portraits were read).
Although there is a substantial body of work on court portraiture for the Elizabethan and early Stuart period, regional English portraiture has not received the attention it deserves.