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a painter or drawer of portraits

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But until now, few presidential portraitists have invoked the Lincoln model.
In this exhibition, there was the brilliant Hannah Ryggen, whose fearless antitotalitarian textiles mix experimentalism with ancient Norwegian craftsmanship; the equilibrist portraitist Laserstein; and Lohse-Wachtler, extraordinary for her emotionally charged, pathological renderings.
It is worth mentioning that Giuseppe Verdi was the first composer in Italy who wanted the covers of his music illustrated by the great artists, including Roberto Focosi, official portraitist of the historical figures of the Italian Unification.
In 1631, he started practicing as a professional portraitist, attaining great success.
Robert Hayes, senior vice president, Prairies Division, BMO Bank of Montreal, said, 'The University of Lethbridge already owns one of the most comprehensive collections of artworks and artefacts by this important Canadian portraitist.
The collection reveals two photographic "eyes," one documentarian, one portraitist.
His father arranged for an apprenticeship in the Paris studio of portraitist Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran: he soon became the master's protege.
Around 1852, the year his horse Daniel O'Rourke won the Derby, Bowes commissioned leading equine portraitist Harry Hall to paint the 'little pony', as he was affectionately known owing to his lack of stature.
SPORTING heroes portraitist Keith Fearon is holding a solo exhibition at the Corke Gallery, in Aigburth.
Trained in the miniaturist genre, Labille-Guiard subverted gendered expectations and creatively reworked traditional practices to establish herself as a respected portraitist, first in pastels and then oils.
He had built his reputation as a portraitist, and this remains the work for which he is best known.
An exhibition of work by British documentary photographer Laura Pannack, who is well recognised as a portraitist, at Third Floor Gallery, Bute Street until February 13.
Also on show will be a selection of work by the renowned portraitist and landscape painter Trevor Stubley, who died earlier this year.
A Fourth of July gift of a painting of George Washington by renowned 19th century American portraitist Rembrandt Peale has gone on display at the Portland Art Museum.
A VISITING artist yesterday revealed the secret behind being a successful animal portraitist - whisper to them in Swedish.