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a painter or drawer of portraits

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He was a qualified engineer in the US and self-taught abstract and portrait painter.
He was rewarded with a knighthood by his most famous patron, Charles I, and the sense that it would be impossible to better Van Dyck as a portrait painter was universally recognised and remarked on not only by his contemporaries but also his successors.
After leaving school he became a portrait painter and first exhibited at the Liverpool Academy in 1835, becoming a student a year later.
Partial contents of Issue 8 (Spring 2011): "The Society Portrait Painter, Virtue and Vice, and Venice's Working-Class Women," by Lyrica Taylor; "A Female Dylan Thomas?
Which English portrait painter was elected Caborn succeed Kate Hoey in 2001?
Which 18th century portrait painter depicted which city?
3 | A Her father, Louis Vigee, was a portrait painter.
5x12") volume along with supporting essays discussing his life, popularity and success, process as a portrait painter and relation to society and to the sitters, and his role as director of the Malta Government School of Art.
More than 60 pieces by the 18th-century celebrity portrait painter Hugh Douglas Hamilton will go on display for the first time at the National Gallery.
It is home to an extraordinary group of people, including Bernie, a very talented six-year-old saxophonist; Angus Lordie, the portrait painter, and his remarkable gold-toothed dog, Cyril; and Matthew, who is always on a quest for love.
Elo is doing a new work to Philip Glass (I hope he puts some lights on it this time so we can see the dancing), with a set by portrait painter Chuck Close and costumes by fashion designer Ralph Rucci; a premiere from the promising Millepied (a NYCB principal who has begun to choreograph) to a commissioned score by Nico Muhly; and the company premiere of Tharp's fluidly fun Baker's Dozen to the jazz music of Willie "The Lion" Smith.
Hilary Cooper is an obviously gifted, professionally accomplished, and artistically elegant portrait painter that has included among her subjects such celebrities as Matheissen, Salter, George Plimpton, Patti Hearst and former New York Mayor Ed Koch.
His love of the arts led him to accumulate a sizable collection of paintings by the late American Indian portrait painter, Charles LaMonk, an Antelope Valley resident whose work he greatly admired.
Moving to London in 1758, aged 34, after scratching a living in the north of England as a portrait painter and anatomist, Stubbs met Whistlejacket's owner, the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, who was to play a key role in his success.
At the age of 89 he sat for the great portrait painter Thomas Sully.