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Synonyms for portmanteau

a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings

a large travelling bag made of stiff leather

References in classic literature ?
Tulkinghorn says nothing, but stands, ever, near the old portmanteau.
In the first place, here's an old portmanteau, sir," says Snagsby.
With no more formal leave-taking or explanation, he clutched the portmanteau, shut the door on his attendant, and climbing on the desk, and rolling himself up as round as a hedgehog, in an old boat-cloak, fell fast asleep.
The one bearing the great candlesticks, and the other the portmanteau, showed the deluded lord into his chamber; and left the secretary alone, to yawn and shake himself, and finally to fall asleep before the fire.
But the danger was past--they had landed at last, With their boxes, portmanteaus, and bags: Yet at first sight the crew were not pleased with the view, Which consisted to chasms and crags.
But that this was the state-room concerning which Charles Dickens, Esquire, and Lady, had held daily and nightly conferences for at least four months preceding: that this could by any possibility be that small snug chamber of the imagination, which Charles Dickens, Esquire, with the spirit of prophecy strong upon him, had always foretold would contain at least one little sofa, and which his lady, with a modest yet most magnificent sense of its limited dimensions, had from the first opined would not hold more than two enormous portmanteaus in some odd corner out of sight
Packing-cases, portmanteaus, carpet-bags, and boxes, are already passed from hand to hand, and hauled on board with breathless rapidity.
And presently I descried his luggage coming along - a real sailor's chest, carried by means of rope-beckets between two men, with a couple of leather portmanteaus and a roll of charts sheeted in canvas piled upon the lid.
Babaenihan is a portmanteau of Filipino words "babae" and "bayanihan" that means "women" and "sense of community," respectively.
Clayton didn't share anything about the lines she was recording, but she did use the hashtag #nomanita, the portmanteau for Nomi and her fiancee Amanita (Freema Agyeman).
Like podcast: Now a popular medium, the terma portmanteau of "iPod" and "broadcast"left Hebraists scratching their heads.
Rehabinasyon, a portmanteau of the words rehabilitation and nation, is the Philippine governments all-encompassing campaign against illegal drugs.
The word portmanteau also traditionally refers to a large suitcase divided into equal sections, as your grandparents or perhaps great grandparents, or at least early 20th century travelers, likely would be aware.
They can both describe themselves as "Kwaussie", a portmanteau term that refers to a person who is both Australian and a New Zealander and was named on Monday as Australia's word of the year.
The festival's name is a portmanteau of 'mass' and 'cara,' which is Spanish for face or facade.