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Synonyms for porthole

a window in a ship or airplane

an opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through

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Remained only a sea-chest and two suit-cases, themselves too large for the porthole but bare of contents.
The Vaterland at that time was beating up to the south of City Hall from over the ruins of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the reports of the gun, followed by the first crashes of the collapsing Dexter building, brought Kurt and, Smallways to the cabin porthole.
He clung to the frame of the porthole as the airship tossed and swayed, and stared down through the light rain that now drove before the wind, into the twilight streets, watching people running out of the houses, watching buildings collapse and fires begin.
Princess Cruises received top honors in Porthole Cruise Magazine's 19th Readers' Choice Awards, receiving five awards overall including "Best Alaska Itineraries," "Best Onboard Shopping," "Best Asia/Pacific Itineraries," "Best Central America Itineraries," and "Best Onboard Photography.
Mervyn Wheatley, 73, made a distress call on Friday after a porthole smashed in 15-metre waves.
Freezing a porthole not only hides objects behind it, but it also offers a more finished look.
Mr Blackwell, of Prospect Capital, said: "The work on the site will retain the unique porthole styling in line with the architect's original contemporary and minimalist vision.
It would seem that the two stowaways were at fault for the sinking by leaving open the porthole covers (deadlights) near the stormy waterline.
This would be similar to the perspective through a porthole in a ship or submarine.
The open-plan living and dining room has a host of features, including exposed timber beams, stripped wood flooring, period fireplace and 14 windows overlooking the sea - complemented by a historic porthole which was once owned by a river pilot.
uk, PS45 PORTHOLE MIRROR Nautical aluminium portlight mirror, Artisanti, www.
com)-- Porthole Cruise Magazine, the world's leading consumer cruise and travel publication based in the United States has awarded Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes the 2015 Editor-In-Chief Award for Best Cruise Souvenir.
To fussy-cut the porthole panel print, cut a 7 1/2" square of see-through template plastic; place template on fabric, centering porthole.
As well as having a tower, it has several porthole windows, feature arch windows and sits on a prominent corner position.