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large steak from the thick end of the short loin containing a T-shaped bone and large piece of tenderloin


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We'd all wrangled with the idea of having a Porterhouse steak, of which there are only four on the beast.
How about starting with a spinach salad with bleu cheese and crumbled bacon (getting away from the classic warm bacon dressing) followed by a dry, aged steak au poivre with Courvoisier cream, or a sirloin steak, a porterhouse steak, or even a Delmonico.
For his main course, Sean chose the Scottish charcoal-grilled, bone-out salmon, while I chose the porterhouse steak, more about which later.
Next for me was a 14oz Porterhouse steak, a T-bone, with juicy fillet and full-flavoured sirloin.
Product 5 Piece Porterhouse Steak Knife Set with Wooden Countertop Block
Heading first to the meat case, I reached in for a scrumptious looking porterhouse steak when a woman yelled at me for encouraging the slaughter of what she referred to as a sweet cow.
If you continue to take care of everyone else first, you're doing as much damage to your heart as if you ate a 15-ounce porterhouse steak every night.
Give us the 48-ounce porterhouse steak, the 100-acre shopping mall, the all-you-can-eat buffet, the walk-in closet stuffed with 75 pairs of Manolo Blahnik mules and sling-backs.
In many ways the term "expense" has been likened to, a piece of gristle on a porterhouse steak - something that is always, looking to be cut.
n A porterhouse steak derives its name from Porterhouses where steak and chips used to be sold.
Toothless man sucking a pureed porterhouse steak with straw.
Available in four delicious varieties, With Beef and Grilled Chicken, Filet Mignon and Porterhouse Steak Flavors, CESAR Meaty Selects allows adoring dog owners to celebrate the special relationship they share with their dogs.
And on cue, there was a decrease in the chatter decibel as the generous cuts of USDA prime dry-aged porterhouse steak and rib-eye steak made their way to our table.
We headed to the Beach Club'sYachtsman steakhouse where one of our group braved the 23oz porterhouse steak.