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Synonyms for portentous

Synonyms for portentous

Synonyms for portentous

of momentous or ominous significance


ominously prophetic

puffed up with vanity

References in classic literature ?
As I was remarking," chanted the obedient Lord Chancellor, "this portentous movement has already assumed the dimensions of a Revolution
Whoever visits some estates there, and witnesses the good-humored indulgence of some masters and mistresses, and the affectionate loyalty of some slaves, might be tempted to dream the oft-fabled poetic legend of a patriarchal institution, and all that; but over and above the scene there broods a portentous shadow--the shadow of law.
Ellen was interrupted by the same bright vision, which on the preceding day had stayed another scarcely less portentous tumult, by exhibiting itself on the same giddy height, where it was now seen.
These portentous infants being alarming creatures to stalk about in any human society, the eighteen denominations incessantly scratched one another's faces and pulled one another's hair by way of agreeing on the steps to be taken for their improvement - which they never did; a surprising circumstance, when the happy adaptation of the means to the end is considered.
When he had closed the door, he re-opened it, stared in again for a few moments with the same portentous gravity, and nodding his head once, in a slow and ghost-like manner, vanished.
I imagine it was carried on clandestinely and, I am certain, with portentous gravity, at the back of copses, behind hedges .
Ben Affleck's stony-faced caped crusader growls portentous one-liners, while Gal Gadot is rendered largely inert after her scene-stealing theatrics in the standalone Wonder Woman film.
Pat had even started the day with a portentous warning to Eileen: "I'm going to be up to my eyes doing those foundations.
It all looks gorgeous, all top hats, can-can dancers and portentous bunches of flowers.
Also, Snow was heard reciting the lines, 'There is only war that matters: the Great War, and it is here,' referring to the portentous combat between humans and the White Walkers.
She examines the historical concept of air (wind) as a type of fuel, the portentous meaning of the albatross in historical sailing, the potential of alcohol as a source of fuel, and a great many other related subjects over the course of the dictionary.
Portentous, indeed, as it's momentous for the school's growth outside its catchment area, calamitous for existing schools in the Tile Hill/Canley area whose numbers are falling in the face of brand Finham moving in.
I am afraid I do not understand the word 'retirement"' - Lord Ashdown, the former Liberal Democrat leader, in portentous mood.
My main problems are low self-esteem, the fact I am a workaholic and a completely illogical fear of being poor" TV Master Chef judge Gregg Wallace "I have to listen to a lot of boring speeches, but I have discovered there is nothing so boring as not listening to a boring speech" The Queen of Denmark, pictured "Politics is the only activity in the United Kingdom in which women are still regarded as a risk rather than an asset" Broadcaster Janet Street-Porter "I am afraid I do not understand the word 'retirement"' Lord Ashdown, 72, the former Liberal Democrat leader, in portentous mood "As women pass the age of 45, it does not mean they are not interested in fashion any more.
Dark forces possess Mia but her friends dismiss her portentous ranting as the hallucinations of a recovering addict.