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The 36% increase (year-on-year) in mortgage lending in January 2002 portends another year of double-digit gains in mortgage lending.
But if a president's selection of his Cabinet portends what we might expect during his term, I'm afraid that many of the economic concerns confronting us today will be told again in four years.
And that portends further ecological destruction in this area, Nations says, because "population expansion is most rapid in low-lying tropical forest regions, where soils are generally poor in quality and where most of the region's remaining forest resources are located.
Our 12 week rollout of the MetroMesh network in the city of Longmont, Colorado portends even faster network deployments in the future.
Behavior that desperately puerile in a pilot scarcely portends well for future episodes.
A memo requesting the sales methodology be disallowed portends possible ramifications, including a billion dollar tab to the city in refunds to taxpayers.
This merger portends very good things for homebuyers and sellers throughout northern New England," Murray added.
With retailers already wrestling with a depressed shopping climate, the shutdown of 29 western ports - which annually handle $300 billion worth of cargo including clothing, toys, electronics and other items popular with holiday shoppers - portends of an even tighter holiday season.
And the heavy concentration of pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey portends well for commercial/industrial building because they are constantly in an expansion mode.
This portends to a sizeable addressable market opportunity of 447,000 SMBs.
But DeGeneres fans may be gratified that this series already captures her entertaining awkwardness better than ``Ellen'' usually did, which only portends good things for the future.
Thanking "our own Flo Ziegfield," Richard Kielar, the head of communications for Tishman who organized the event, Tishman said, "The show, I hope, portends of great entertainment on 42nd Street.
The establishment of this center portends great things for a wide spectrum of colleges at the university and for the center's many partners throughout the Americas.
off Any responsible critic would warn you away from something as gleefully crass as Comedy Central's ``The Man Show'' and wring his or her hands about what ill fortunes this kind of junk portends for the fate of Western Civilization.
We're incredibly pleased with the initial outings of our CORR Nissan race trucks this weekend, which portends well for the 2006 CORR season," said Ron Stukenberg, senior manager, Nissan Motorsports marketing and operations.