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The rise in manufacturing, especially in the Asia Pacific region, is subsequently portending opportunities for the entire VXI market, says the analyst of this research service.
Portending a better showing this year, many retailers say they're running well ahead of their 2002 numbers.
In today's environment of increasing regulation and a future portending more, capabilities like Market Analysis combined with a robust and pervasive security model, are becoming increasingly important and strategic.
But unless the state restores the food bank's pre-2000 allotment of federally supplied food, reserve supplies could be depleted again, portending large-scale disaster for needy families, they warned.
But, to date, neither of these segments has really shown any significant sign of portending disaster since, fortunately, most middle market commercial customers have been reducing their debt levels aggressively since the latter part of 2001.
For example, 45 percent of baby boomers said they found reverse mortgages either ``somewhat or very appealing,'' portending significant growth for reverse mortgage lending.
According to Marcus, many companies came through Gartner's doors portending to have the ability to improve marketing effectiveness, but very few lived up to their claims.
The developers are experienced in project management and benefit from a favorable labor environment, portending limited construction risk.
Brown added that the portending shortages of area codes will probably lead to a new system involving more than three numbers, necessitating a renovation of myriad databases.