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a carriage entrance passing through a building to an enclosed courtyard

canopy extending out from a building entrance to shelter those getting in and out of vehicles

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The hotel general manager, Martin Kendall, said, 'The extensive renovations began in January 2011 and upon completion in October will feature 319 upgraded deluxe and executive rooms, a new flagship restaurant and state-of-the-art business centre with three new boardrooms, a refurbished Below7 lounge and reinvigorated Porte-cochere entrance which will feature Brisbane's biggest video wall with a three metre by five metre digital display, showcasing everything from electronic artwork to Google maps.
The main entrance is protected by a porte-cochere, which leads into a hall.
Suspended from four stories above, a mangrove wood and agate stone sculpture flanked by onyx columns draws guests' eyes in from the porte-cochere entrance.
It is slated to feature a grand porte-cochere off Al Meena Road, providing a prestigious grand entrance to the hotel's foyer.
The canopy extends on the landside to form a monumental porte-cochere for receiving departing passengers.
Overhauls of the guest rooms are first on the priority list, but the improvements will also include a 10,000-square-foot spa with an ocean view, an adult serenity pool with over-water cabanas, a new free-standing restaurant, an expanded lobby and porte-cochere, and some new furnishings and pool upgrades.
A partially covered outdoor exhibit area, covered patio, and porte-cochere also will be added during the expansion.
No way to tell the joke about the rabbi and the parrot, the bartender and the duck, the Pope and the porte-cochere.
Store executives reported that the majority of the visitors were loyal customers of the chain who had been closely watching the progress of the 85,000-square-foot store, with its two-story atrium, signature porte-cochere and salmon-colored exterior.
Restored according to original records and photographs, a porte-cochere once again shades arriving guests, and a sweeping wood staircase and brass bird-cage elevator offer graceful access to upper floors.
From the arrival through a gated porte-cochere to the 34th floor resident's club with a southern facing 70 foot terrace to the 75' pool and spa, 252 East 57th Street will offer exclusive amenities.
The revamped Chicago O'Hare airport hotel boasts enhanced accommodations featuring a gorgeous new porte-cochere, modular workspaces and social areas in the reinvented lobby, plus a stylish day-to-night-bar for any social gathering.
From outside, cars or pedestrians pass through the tiled and skylit porte-cochere and arrive in a generous countyard that lies between the garage and the main house.