portal vein

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a short vein that carries blood into the liver

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The 3D dataset and virtual needle path were coregistered with the real-time fluoroscopy image, and the needle path was projected onto the fluoroscopy image, displaying a highly accurate real-time image of needle progression from the puncture site to the target portal vein (3).
Both hepatic arteries and portal veins may be involved in APS.
Portal vein stenosis in children with segmental liver transplants: Treatment with percutaneous transhepatic venoplasty.
2 in the present study in which the concentrations of lysine in the portal vein serum were increased with increasing dietary lysine levels.
portosystemic shunt through a portal vein 'aneurysm'
Again, the risk of hepatic or portal vein thrombosis is high in the early postoperative period.
It is also indicated for the treatment of HCC patients with partial or branch portal vein thrombosis or occlusion when clinical evaluation warrants the treatment.
Because MORs are also present in the neurons lining the walls of the portal vein in humans, the mechanisms uncovered here may also take place in people.
So, at liver cirrhosis leading role in causing of increased pressure in the portal vein belongs to irreversible factor--violation of liver architectonics and disorders of systemic blood circulation, closing the pathogenetic circle.
At Birmingham Coroners Court yesterday, consultant pathologist Adrian Yoong, who performed the postmortem, gave the cause of death as hepatic necrosis (liver failure), caused by portal vein thrombosis.
Liver was removed after dividing supra and common infra hepatic IVC, portal vein and celiac trunk.
Other causes of portal hypertension include blood clots in the portal vein, blockages of the veins that carry the blood from the liver to the heart, and a parasitic infection called schistosomiasis, he said adding that sometimes the cause is unknown.
The knife had severed the portal vein leading to my liver and also punctured my lung.