portal tomb

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a prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstone

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in the failure to discuss non-megalithic monuments (see Sheridan (2006) or Kytmannov's work on portal tombs (2009)); and simplistic statements such as 'We know that Neolithic things appear everywhere around about 4000 BC in Britain and Ireland' make one wonder whether the author has actually read the articles that have appeared in books that she has co-edited (e.
Portal tombs in the landscape: the chronology, morphology and landscape setting of the portal tombs of Ireland, Wales and Cornwall (British Archaeological Reports British Series 455).
The novel aspect of Cummings and Whittle's work resides in the attempt to ascribe meaning to the various settings: thus portal tombs 'stand in sight of landscape features redolent of beginnings,' [e.